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11 September 2016 Posted by 


Forum affirms Liverpool’s global claim

By Nini Lazamana

LIVERPOOL City’s future is bright with Badgerys Creek Airport building on Sydney’s connectivity and bringing infrastructure to the south-west Sydney region, leading social commentator Bernard Salt told a recent Invest Liverpool forum.

Mr Salt, from global advisory firm KPMG, said Sydney, “öne of the most multicultural places on earth” was poised to become a global city.

Global cities have multiple major airports and Badgerys Creek airport will give Sydney a global-city credibility, which in turn will give Liverpool jobs, infrastructure and connectivity on a grand scale, he said.

“As a collaborator with Sydney, Liverpool with its great impact on connectivity and other attributes, has the potential to be globally significant,” Mr Salt said.

Mr Salt told the more than 200 forum participants at Casula Powerhouse that:
● Liverpool had a diverse, vibrant and young population with more than 45 per cent aged under 30.
● Its population was projected to grow by about 132,000 by 2031.

“There is a kids’ wave coming over the next 10 to 15 years,” he said as he outlined the opportunities to invest in job-creating businesses and industries, housing, health and education services in Liverpool.

“The challenge for Liverpool is to retain social cohesion, creating local jobs through innovation and building an entrepreneurial culture,” he said.

A big plus for Liverpool is that while 43 per cent of its population were born overseas, its community is “demographically united”, according to Mr Salt.

Figure show a significant number of people in Liverpool’s more affluent areas are cosmopolitan and conservative, 95 per cent have strong religious beliefs and majority embrace volunteering, he said.

Mr Salt’s upbeat assessment of Liverpool’s potential was echoed by Sheridan Dudley who oversees the south-west Sydney district for the Greater Sydney Commission.

“The airport (Badgerys Creek) is a game-changer,” Ms Dudley said.

About 600,000 additional people will be added to the south-west Sydney region and Liverpool will be the heart of this region and be able to position itself for smart jobs, she said.

There is a need to determine Liverpool’s role and function in the surrounding south-west Sydney areas over the next 40 years, Ms Dudley said.


  • Health precinct: Liverpool Hospital, the largest in the country, is right in the Liverpool CBD.
  • Two universities: The University of Wollongong and Western Sydney University will come to Liverpool in 2017.
  • Badgerys Creek Airport: To be located entirely in Liverpool Council area about 23 kms from the Liverpool CBD and, when built, will dramatically boosts connectivity, infrastructure and jobs.
  • Population: Young, vibrant, multicultural (140 languages spoken at home) community.



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