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06 July 2012 Posted by 

Granville needs commuter car park

A large commuter car park at Granville is long overdue.

With petrol prices making car travel unreasonable on a daily basis, commuters choose to travel by train or bus and this choice that brings many travellers into Granville. The Granville railway station is a destination of choice.

People drive to Granville as a station of preference because the train connections to key inner City and Western suburbs radiate from Granville.

Getting on the train at Granville often means quicker travel time in comparison to catching the train from other stations. That choice then delivers more time at home with the people who mean most to us.

Establishing a large commuter car park in Granville is long overdue and was promised by Labor at the last State election, without any funding being set aside for this project.

It was clear from our meeting that The Minister for Transport, Gladys Berejiklian, has an open mind to the electorate’s parking needs.

The department is currently conducting a review of the electorate and will be identifying suitable sites to address the parking shortfall. A costing analysis and funding availability will also be factored into the equation.

Establishing a large commuter parking facility in Granville brings more than the obvious benefits. The flow on to small businesses in the area would be excellent.

Tripling the number of travellers that come to park and ride on the trains or buses in Granville will create a demand for services and products for businesses that need an added boost to their bottom line.

Businesses such as dry cleaners, hair salons, convenience stores, car maintenance, child care and many more would get an injection of demand whilst delivering convenience and certainty to travellers.

I will continue the conversation with the Department of Transport and I look forward to updating you on this important project in the Granville electorate. Your comments are welcome on P: 02 9637 1656 or E: granville@parliament.nsw.gov.au


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