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25 February 2016 Posted by 


The Power of Micro-Moments

By Tony Eades

AS you set the course for your brand in 2016 it’s important to be aware of developments and insights that I believe are game-changing - those trends that represent a new frontier for marketers this year.

First up, here’s one of the most intriguing of these - the all-powerful, all-fleeting micro moment.

The micro moment has emerged from within the world of mobile device users. It is the moment of action, born of a need. The need to know, the need to do, the need to go and the need to buy.

Google’s research back in 2011 on Winning the Zero Moment of Truth showed consumers do not react instantly to advertising. Instead, they look at reviews, ask friends for advice on social media or research products on blogs before making a decision.

Did you know that according to Google, 91 per cent of smartphone users look up information while they are right in the middle of a task? Whether making a gourmet dinner, helping the kids with homework or building flat-pack furniture, we are all turning to our smartphone or tablet and looking online for answers.

The micro moment is game-changing because as a user, our motivation and level of engagement in that moment is high. We are already committed to preparing three courses or building that model of the Titanic. So the question in that moment is how? What do I need? What should it look like and where can I get the ingredients at this hour?

Micro moments give us a glimpse into the user’s world, their needs and their values. Being there can influence decisions, preferences and loyalties. In the same way, failing to connect in that moment can leave a lasting negative impression. As soon as intent gives way to impatience, we lose.

We believe smart brands will be targeting micro moments in 2016 as a key part of their inbound marketing strategy and the look and feel of this content for mobile users will be utterly different. Quick to load content that is relevant and suited to the context will cut through.

So ask yourself …

•    Does the user need to operate hands free? Provide a video.
•    Do they need directions to the closest outlet? Include GPS locations.
•    Would they like product information sent to their inbox? Make response forms quick to fill in and easy to use.

With 82% of smartphone users consulting their phones while they’re standing in a store deciding what product to buy, micro moments allow you to speak to the customer directly; and research has shown that one in 10 of those customers will end up buying a different product than they had originally planned.

If we can make each and every micro moment meaningful, the results will play out through sales in store as well as online.

Tony Eades is director of brand strategy at Brand Manager. He will be delivering a special presentation on game changing marketing trends for the Hills Chamber of Commerce on March 9. See this video for details:



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