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05 September 2016 Posted by 


Timely reminder: anyone is at risk

By Mario Bekes

COVERAGE about a bugging device found in the All Blacks Rugby team’s hotel is a timely reminder that people are constantly trying to gain information to use against others.

Many may find it alarming that a highly skilled person has actually been tasked with planting a device.

The methods used by people to steal secrets and money are now much more sophisticated than a handful of phishing emails from fictitious African businessmen.

At Insight Intelligence Group, we regularly work with companies to test how secure their information is and check for possible threats.

We know it is not just high profile people, teams and companies that come under attack but ordinary everyday businesses as well.

In fact, the corporate world is much more vulnerable than military or government targets. Government information is classified, access to the information is classified, prior employment background checks are done and references obtained and so on.

On the other hand, corporations employ hundreds of people, who join and leave on a regular basis, send thousands of non-work emails every day and typically pay little attention to information security.

The recent BBC news article: “Are hi-tech spies stealing all your firm’s secrets?" is a must read for senior executives – many of whom understandably take the "it will never happen to us "attitude.

However, there are a growing number of ways a company’s security can be compromised – from hi-tech malware to old fashioned temptation techniques.

Companies need to take a proactive approach to their firm’s security. Counterintelligence that combines human and technology intelligence collection is one solution.

The additional benefit of this approach is that it incorporates a feedback loop to see if any information found can be used to make the company more robust and improve its competitive advantage.

If you want to discuss your firm’s security and whether your systems and processes are going to keep you secure then contact us for a free security consultation.









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