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01 January 2017 Posted by 


Time for the digital step

By Deb Jeffreys

SO, you’ve been in business a while. Got a decent sized team. Sweated hard to reach a turnover of a few million a year. Did it all without digital marketing.

But, you’ve got a feeling in your gut you need to look at this digital thing. New competitors are appearing above you on page one of Google. You’re starting to appreciate the strength of social media. And growth is slowing just a little.

You’re wondering if digital marketing could grow the bottom line.

Here are some of the things great online marketing can do for a great business.

Powerful lead generation

The power of online marketing to deliver a steady flow of qualified, educated leads can be quite literally transformational. In almost every case, great digital marketing generates leads more powerfully than any other marketing method.

For example, we transformed an already successful printing and fulfillment company inside six months by delivering a 35% increase in new business direct from the website.

Lowest cost leads

In almost every case strategic digital marketing will deliver quality leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. Highly targeted advertising directed to quality website content generally delivers the best return on investment in the short to medium term. 

A farmer we work with has quickly reached their sales targets inside a year thanks to highly targeted digital advertising and superb storytelling on their website. We measure ROI closely and adjust the campaigns and content to get the best returns.

Prior to working with us our client relied on travelling to markets and fairs which was expensive and didn’t come close to delivering the sales they needed.

Reduced time to close

Great digital storytelling means that potential customers understand your company and your product or service. The result is that leads are educated and ready to do business. An added benefit is that sales teams deliver a much shorter time to close.

A company we’ve worked with for many years now selling luxury yachts enjoy a steady flow of educated buyers who know huge amounts about the product before they call. The team save countless hours on every sale.

Increased business value

Great digital content will massively increase the value in your business. This is because good content has a snowball effect where it delivers ever increasing free traffic from Google. Over time new business comes without advertising or other marketing spend.

For example, a charter company we worked with punched well above its weight a crowded market because they invested in excellent digital content over several years.

When we came to sell the business, it sold for 2.5 times the initial valuation inside 3 months - the buyer understood how powerful the marketing machine was and could see the potential for further growth.

Lock out your competitors

Claiming the digital space around your market sector is vitally important for survival in today’s world. Your prospects are looking for you online. If they can’t find you, they’ll go elsewhere. Great digital storytelling will ensure you claim your space and lock your competitors out.

A firm of architects we work with have claimed the digital space around sustainable architecture thanks to an investment in superb digital storytelling and search engine optimisation. They have doubled their team in the last year but still can’t keep up with demand.

Deb Jeffries is principal at Brilliant Digital. Visit





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