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Deb Jeffreys. Deb Jeffreys.
21 December 2016 Posted by 


Dancing all the way to the bank

By Deb Jeffreys

WEBSITE designers have done a great job of extracting money from businesses owners on the promise that a beautifully designed website will deliver leads and sales.

Rarely do web designers talk much about content. Generally, they include a content management system and tell the business owner to add the words and images themselves.

All too often the website fails to deliver on promise, and the disgruntled businesses owner decides digital marketing doesn’t work.

But of course, when it’s done right, digital marketing works spectacularly well. Our company, Brilliant Digital has many clients for whom strategic, high quality digital marketing delivers a massive return on investment in the form of a steady flow of quality leads over a prolonged period.

So, what’s the secret to success?

Success, measured by delivering quality leads and sales, is achieved using strategically structured, high quality website content. Storytelling is key.

Companies must tell the story of the business and its products and services in a way their target market understands. They must clearly explain how they solve their target market’s problems.

And they must format the content in the right way for Google so it sends organic traffic.

A key detail is to explain what the business aspires to accomplish. Stating the big mission behind a company that solves a big problem for its customers is crucial.

Buyers also want to read about the passion that drives and excites key team members. And finally, the story of how a company solves buyer's problems will allow a potential customer to buy into its solution.

For example, we recently worked with an accountancy firm who had a beautifully designed website that was not delivering a single lead.

Following a detailed strategy session, we re-wrote every word of their website content. We also overhauled the website structure and search engine optimisation.

We included details about the company’s services in language their business clients could understand, stories about previous clients buying experiences and profiles from each team member conveying their passion for what they do.

Immediately the content started to deliver results. The firm now gets a steady flow of around four quality leads a week directly from the website.

Same design. New content. Totally different outcome.

So, is website design important at all?

All this talk about content doesn’t mean that design is irrelevant. Like the reception in your business premises, your ideal customer must feel a good first impression when they arrive or they will leave.

And a well-designed web page will always convert better than a badly designed web page if they contain same content. But design can only take you so far towards a sale. No substance. No sale.

Our most successful clients understand the power of content. They are prepared to invest in professional, high quality website content.

Each year their investment in content is least 10 times their investment in design. The content delivers organic, sustained business growth. And they dance all the way to the bank. 

Deb Jeffreys is principal at Brilliant Digital. Visit:





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